Mountaineer Baseball Academy (MBA) offers a number of classes geared around developing the baseball skills of our players. These classes are designed with each individual player in mind. Don't miss this opportunity to get your son on the right track to success and the winning Mountie tradition.  See registration schedule below.

Who Is Invited

2nd–8th grade baseball players who currently attend Elmwood Middle School, Kirksey Middle School, Bellview Elementary,  Bonnie Grimes Elementary, Jones Elementary, Lowell Elementary, Old Wire Elementary, Tucker Elementary, Darr Elementary or any student attending a private school but lives in the Rogers High School feeder system. 

No Metal Spikes or Cleats In Field House — Turf Shoes or Tennis Shoes Only



Classes will be held at the Rogers High School Indoor Practice Facility, located north of the football field on the RHS Campus.

2300 S Dixieland Rd.
Rogers, AR, 72758

Class Descriptions:

Combo Classes- Combo classes are just like they sound.  The MBA will combine 2 facets of the game into a one hour time frame. For example, the MBA will combine a pitching and hitting class.  In this case, we will do a half hour of pitching and then go into a half hour of hitting.  These classes are designed for the player that is a little further along with their individual fundamentals and the "Mountie Way" of hitting and pitching.   We will also do various combinations of this catching/hitting, pitching/hitting, defense/hitting, defense/pitching, etc.

Pitching/Catching Classes- Pitching/Catching classes will allow the pitchers more time to focus on their own individual mechanics and get more work with a live catcher.  This class is designed for those players that need more time working on this fundamentals of pitching or that just want to get their bullpen session in for the week.  This a great class for the beginner or the advanced player that needs to get their bullpen work.  This class also involves the mental aspect of pitching and learning how to work one pitch at a time. This helps them begin to understand the importance of getting ahead of the hitters.

Hitting Classes- Similar to the pitching class, this class is designed to get the players quality hacks in.  Also, it allows the player to begin to understand the importance getting into a hitting routine that they can begin to do on their own.  This time extended time will allow the coach to become more involved in their swing and give specific hitting fundamentals and drills to work on. This class will also begin to touch on the mental side of baseball by instructing each player on how to focus on a quality at bat versus an individual batting average.

Bigger-Faster-Strong Classes-  This class is what all RHS sports have adopted to improve the year around athlete.  There will be a focus on the 4 core lifts in the weight room, speed/agility training, and flexibility.  This class would be ideal for anyone in 5th-8th grades. The class is taught by a certified BFS coach.

Small Group Classes- Small Group classes are designed for a 1 coach to every 4 player ratio.  This class will provide more attention to detail via video analysis in mainly hitting or pitching.  The small group class also gives the coach more time with each player per a class.   The prices for the Small Group classes vary based on numbers.  If this class is your choice, please check the Small Group box on the registration page.

Registration Dates: 

Session 1 - September 1, 2017

Session 2 - October 15, 2017

Christmas Camp- December 21 and 22, 2017

Session 3 - January 1, 2017

Session 4- February 1, 2017

Session 5 - TBD