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MBA Fundraising Policy

The following guidelines will be followed when planning a fundraising activity, donor solicitation, or grant:

  1. A written or typed "MBA Fundraising Form" for each fundraising activity, donor solicitation, or grant application must be submitted to and approved by the Mountaineer Baseball Academy Fundraising Committee Chair.  The chairperson will keep a log of all fundraising activity in order to not duplicate requests to donors.  A single request form may be used for all expected fundraising activities towards a single goal (i.e., team sponsors, tournament sponsors, camps, clinics), however, grant proposal requests shall be submitted separately.
  2. It is important that the MBA players, coaches and parents working at a fundraising event or soliciting donations from businesses present a positive image of our baseball program.  It is encouraged that appropriate attire should be worn at all public fundraising activities.
  3. Funds raised on behalf of the Mountaineer Baseball Academy must be consistent with the mission, goals and philosophy of the program.
  4. Funds raised in the name of the Mountaineer Baseball Academy become the property of Mountaineer Baseball Academy.  Funds are not the property of the individuals who may have helped raise the funds.
  5. Any individuals or teams soliciting for events are expected to follow through on their commitments.
  6. Any donors listed on the Mountaineer Baseball Academy master list shall only be contacted by the designated member for the designated purpose.
  7. Fundraising must meet all of the legal requirements of the local municipality, county and state.
  8. The Mountaineer Baseball Academy prohibits gambling activities of any kind.  Gambling activities are defined as games of chance, such as bingo, raffles, pull-tabs, etc.  Due to the extensive licensing, reporting and record-keeping requirements, Mountaineer Baseball Academy is not licensed to conduct gambling.  Therefore, any group holding a fundraising event in the name of the Mountaineer Baseball Academy is prohibited from conducting gambling activities.