Dear MBA Players and Parents

The MBA is now accepting membership applications and enrolling in session three of the fall MBA classes.  The classes are reserved for those in the RHS feeder pattern.  All those enrolling, in classes, must first fill out and pay the $40 annual membership fee (this covers facilities fees, equipment, facilities waver). This fee is good for the entire school year (August-June).  

Once a member, each player will have access to take as many classes as they want for just $25 a class.  Why so low of a price?  There are a few reasons.  First, we want all players to have access to the best baseball instruction, no matter what their socio-economical background is. Next, the classes are designed to take more than once.  Each class will take into account of where each player is based on an individual player assessments and test.  So, no matter if your son is the most advanced hitter or just starting out, the classes will meet them where they are. This means they never stop learning and getting better. Last, there will be a variety of classes offered.  Therefore, the players may want to work on hitting one month and then pitching the next. This also allows each player to continue improving their baseball skills year around, while allowing them to participate in other sports and extra-curricular activities.

Go Mounties,

Darek Bunch

MBA President