Academy parents and players, welcome back to the 2011-2012 Mountaineer Baseball Academy.  This academy season is going to be an awesome season as we begin to embark on our second year as organization.  Last year proved to be a huge success with over 170 players enrolled in the academy.  However, as all great programs, we are looking to make this season better than last.  

"How does the academy plan to do that?" Well one of the biggest changes this year will be to offer academy "classes" that will run throughout the week. This will allow each player and their family to pick which "classes" they prefer and what day of the week works best for their family.  Like last year, we will still offer the Sunday "group" setting, but this will not begin until January 2012.   

The academy will still be levelized and set up for player advancement, but we have modified and simplified the advancement system.  The "class" setting will provide the player to choose which area of the game he would like to improve at and take as many classes in that area until the highest rank is achieved.  However, a prerequisite to moving forward is that the "class" must be passed through player evaluations and test.

Along, with the new "class" setting, community sessions/evalution, and advancement levels, the academy is also going to begin the process for selecting at least one competitive academy team per age group (7-13).  As an organization, we believe that each player deserves the best opportunity to learn the game of baseball and then play with those that are going to provide the best challenge for them to improve their baseball skills and overall baseball enjoyment.  Therefore, each player interested will be objectively evaluated and then placed accordingly based on where we believe, as an organization, they will experience the most success.  

We are very excited about this year.  In order to start the year off right, we will be posting our player applications by September 6, on the academy website.  Also, we will be providing quality instruction, the "Mountie Way", for a very reasonable price.  This is to ensure that all players that are in the RHS feeder system are provided the same opportunity for success, leaving no one behind.

The cost for a years membership into the academy is $40.  Each class that a player enrolls into will cost $20 per session.  Each session last 4 weeks, one day a week, for at least one hour a day for a total of no less than 4 hours per session.  This equals around $5 per day.  Space will be limited and sign ups for each session will take place 2 weeks prior to each session. Our first session will begin the first week of October, with enrollment for that session starting September 12.  Each player must be a current academy member in order to enroll into the classes for the discounted rate of $20 per session.  

Registration Bottom Line: 

  1. Each Player will need to fill out a MBA Application for this School Year (2011-12). 
  2. Each player will need to Register for Classes for Session 1 Classes.
  3. Get your MBA application now by clicking on the Academy Document tab at the top of the page.  You can also get the Session 1 Registration Form and schedule on the Academy Document tab.


Go Mounties,

Darek Bunch

Assistant Coach 

Rogers High School